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Arise My Love

Arise My Love

קומי לך רעיתי יפתי ולכי לך כי הנה הסתו עבר הגשׁם חלף הלך לו הנצנים נראו בּארץ

20150513_083523[2] The “Song of Solomon” also known as  “The Song of Songs” is about the beauty of love and the beauty of spring. “Arise my love and come away for lo the winter is over and gone, the rains are past and the flowers appear on the earth.” (ch 2: v 11,12)


Each day of spring we are treated to gorgeous, vivid flowers, budding leaves, and the perfume of blossoming trees. Hearing cardinals, red winged blackbirds, and seeing robins resting in branches is a joy.


So go outside, even if it’s grey, and enjoy the new buds around you. And enjoy the colour- even if it’s from dandelions. Springtime is a gift and it doesn’t last long!

By the way, I will be giving a presentation at The Pomegranate Guild on positive, constructive criticism followed by a workshop on accordion fold books. The meeting is on Wednesday May 20, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. Temple Sinai, 100 Wilson Ave., Toronto, Ontario.


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The Best Bedtime Stories

Bo sigart by Laya Crust

Parshat Bo: Exodus, chapter 10 -13

Haftarah: Jeremiah  46: 13 -28

The Best Bedtime Stories

Story time is one of the best times of the day.  We are transported to magical places. We meet extraordinary people and see things we would never come across on a typical day. Stories make time enchanting when reality is boring. You need to get someone to brush teeth? Tell a story. The wait in the doctor’s office is hours long? Tell a story. The car ride isn’t ending? Tell a story.

Our family’s favourite source of stories was Tanach (the Jewish Bible). Between the angels, the giants, the talking snakes and the trickery, what could be more exciting?

Take this week’s Torah reading. Our heroes are Moses and Aaron, two poor brothers, who were on a quest to free a nation of slaves. The downtrodden  slaves were in the grasp of a powerful ruler, the Pharaoh of Egypt. To Pharaoh’s surprise Moses and Aaron had managed to turn the water in Egypt to blood, bring millions of frogs into the cities and fields, create an infestation of lice, and destroy the spring crops with balls of flaming hail.

This week’s episode have the brothers confronting Pharaoh again.  Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and said, ” How long are you going to be so stubborn? If you don’t let the slaves go God is going to send locusts.” The plague of locusts attacked the land, and destroyed all the crops the hail had left. That was followed by a darkness so thick the darkness could be touched. Neither Egyptians nor their animals could see or move for 3 days and three nights.

darkness 20048painting by Laya Crust

Even so, Pharaoh refused to be threatened. He raised himself up and through gritted teeth proclaimed, “Get away from me. Take heed of yourself. Never approach me again. For on the day you see my face again, you will die!” And Moses answered, “You have spoken well. I will see your face again no more.”

Then the two brothers rushed to the slaves, told them to grab their belongings and get ready for the dangerous road to freedom.

What a story!

babiesarava, challah 







So do yourself a favour. Get a comfy couch, a couple of cuddly kids, some milk and cookies. Then open up your friendly bible to Exodus chapter 10. It’s a great read . Be warned, it can get a little sad or scary at parts. That’s part of the adventure too.

Come back next week- same time, same place, and you’ll see what new exploration we may embark upon.


Artist in Residence,  The Pomegranate Guild of Judaic Textiles, Toronto     website http://www. layacrust.com


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