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Pop-up Stairs


Making pop-ups is one of civilization’s happy and magical activities. Take a simple, small, flat piece of paper. Then take a pair of scissors. With a few well placed snips you can create a three dimensional adventure!

P1140818Halfway Up the Stairs by A.A. Milne.    Published 1925, Macmillan and Stewart

I love this little poem and decided to make it into a little pop-up card/ book.  I will walk you through the steps.

The process isn’t complicated, but it may take a few tries…. This picture shows my initial efforts.



First, I made a model on an 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper.Fold the page in half, along the dotted lines.   Following the solid lines cut through the folded paper.P1140823

Setting the page down, pattern side up, cut through the folded paper along the two solid lines:

P1140824  Fold the dotted lines into a sharp crease, P1140827then push the box to the inside of the “card”.

P1140830 Repeat with the next set of boxes. Cut along the solid lines, crease the dotted line, then push it through to the inside of the “card”.
P1140831 P1140829This is how it will look at this stage:


 Now cut through the solid  lines of the next, the smallest, box. Make sharp creases, and push the “box” through to the other side.

P1140843 Open up the paper, and carefully begin pushing the “boxes” through to the other side.P1140848 It may seem puzzling, but it works.P1140849P1140860I hope you have fun with your arts and crafts day.

Best, Laya


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